Air Conditioner Re-Gassing

Air Conditioner Re-Gassing

Re-gassing your air conditioning unit could become relatively a headache. Once you don’t fix the issue ahead of time, it could result in other annoying, devastating as well as expensive consequences. Once your cooling system requires re-gassing, usually it is due to the leak in a refrigeration system that allows the original gas or refrigerant to let loose from the congested system. Another issue that happens is the vicious smell that is caused my micro organisms which gather in the air conditioning evaporator that could be addressed through Re-gassing.

Re-gassing Process

  • Recuperate any current gas in your unit utilizing a gas deposit bottle and gas re-claimer.
  • Detach both ends of interconnecting pipes as well as check flares.
  • Re-flare and cut off outdated flares
  • Reattached pipes utilizing flare sealer
  • Nitrogen test to 1500kpa or 2000kpa, it depends on what gas the cooling system needs.
  • Vacuum the unit for needed time
  • Put in gas to the unit
  • Try and measure that unit is working just fine as well as effectively

Reasons why Air Conditioner may not be Working Properly

  • When the refrigerant levels in your air conditioning system get low, it will not produce cold air. There are a couple of reasons why it may be low, such as a leaking compressor or a break in the O-ring. There could be a leak in the condenser or evaporator lines. The air conditioner may shut itself down as a way to prevent damage to the compressor due to lack of refrigerant.
  • Recharging the refrigerant is the most common problem with air conditioning system. It is like the central hub of the whole cooling system. In some cases, the compressor clutch may not be engaging, which means that the unit is not going to function properly. This is often signified by a high pitched noise when you turn the air conditioner unit. This is often going to mean a replacement and not a repair.
  • Lack lubrication can also cause the compressor to fail. Low coolant or oil can be the culprit. Sometimes, failing to add oil or using the wrong oil can be the cause of compressor failure.

These are only a few of the reasons why an air conditioner unit will fail. You don’t want to attempt the repair yourself, so make sure you have it fixed by a professional air conditioner repair service provider like us. If an air conditioner re-gas is all that is needed, you can be sure that your air conditioning unit will be back to its normal working condition.

A lot of other companies out there that offer re-gassing services will take no notice of specific issues as they like to be called again to fix those once the issues become larger. Air Conditioner Repairs is totally honest. We assure that we will fix any issue we encountered. We will also provide a report of each problem we found out while re-gassing your cooling system. Call us today for more information about our air conditioner re-gassing service.